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Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics Explained

With the overwhelming availability of information made possible by Big Data, more and more companies are turning to analytics and advanced analytics solutions to extract... Read More
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3 Key Use Cases for an Analytics Strategic Data Assessment, Vision, and Roadmap

An AVR describes the methodology for establishing a personalized and actionable enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) Strategy, spanning the core activities of Assessment,... Read More
5 min read

The Intelligent Sales Organization: Utilizing Data in a Competitive Landscape

With the right information on industries, markets, vendors, competitors, products and customers, sales teams can become much more than account managers and order takers.... Read More
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Data Assessments Strategy: The Essentials

The Importance of a Data Assessment within a Data Strategy Plan Data, the fuel for any business intelligence (BI) effort, is growing at a substantial and unprecedented... Read More
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How to Develop an Analytics Strategy that Delivers

The Secret to a Successful Assessment, Vision, and Roadmap What is an AVR? Read More
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The Beat Goes On: Using Advanced Analytics for Heart Health 

For more than a decade, coronary heart disease and stroke have retained grim titles as the world’s two leading causes of death, and now claim over 15 million victims... Read More
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The Holes in Your Analytics that Everyone is Ignoring

Over the past decade we’ve seen a shift in power, an insurgence of business users performing their own data analysis to drive “informed” business decisions. This shift... Read More
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Revolving Door Syndrome for School Principals: A Nationwide Epidemic

A principal’s leadership provides solidarity and direction that leads to success for a school. However, high turnover rates for this leadership position is a problem many... Read More
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Agility for Regulated Industries

Agile brings a lot of benefits to the table over traditional project management. It encourages working in small batches so that products can be delivered earlier, and more... Read More