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Financial Planning in a Crisis: Cash is King

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Top Power BI Updates You *Actually* Need to Know

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BI Strategies: How to Turn a Wish into a Goal

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How to Leverage Power BI within your Agile-Driven Analytics Strategy

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Leveraging Business Intelligence to Improve Business Operations

In a recent survey of over 1300 Global CEO’s, 77% ranked Operational Efficiency as their primary focus of driving 2019 revenue growth. When tasked with how to turn this... Read More
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Using Cohort Analysis with Power BI to Gain A Competitive Advantage

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The Intelligent Sales Organization: Utilizing Data in a Competitive Landscape

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4 Ways Enterprises Can Leverage BI to Improve Business

Technology continues to propel business intelligence as a means for enterprises to analyze data and information to improve operations through actionable insights that... Read More
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What-If Analysis with Power Bi

Also known as Sensitivity Analysis, what-if analysis is a business technique used to determine how an actual or projected measure is affected by changes in the assumptions... Read More