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Data Governance : Commonly Asked Questions

Having a data-driven strategy has become imperative to the success of organizations regardless of industry, size, or location. Often overlooked however is that the key to... Read More
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How to Overcome 9 Common Challenges of Data Governance

As a data governance consultant, I often rely on frameworks to guide engagements. There are numerous published methodologies that are comprehensive by design and when... Read More
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5 Tips for Effective Change Management During a Digital Transformation

Transformational initiatives like platform modernization will have varying impacts on your organization, depending on the maturity of the organization and the number of... Read More
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The Importance of Data Governance: Cleaning with a Plan

Data governance is a crucial facet of data-driven decision making, and the establishment of a DG program should be considered a priority for every organization. Despite... Read More
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Scrum and Six Sigma - Can They Co-Exist?

[Repost by Julee Everett on TheAgileCorner.com] I have clients in two diverse domains - material sciences and life sciences - that are currently investing in maturing... Read More
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Microsoft Embraces Linux on Azure and Beyond

In a 2001 interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Steve Ballmer notoriously described Linux as  “a cancer”  to “everything it touches,”  startling anyone with a propensity... Read More
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Data Lakes: Data Agility is Here Now

The rise of business enabled analytics has come about in large part due to the failure of traditional IT to quickly respond to the ever-changing needs of the business.... Read More
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Simple Steps for Data Quality Tracking

Introducing the tracking of data quality issues into the middle of an ongoing development project might seem a bit "too little, too late", however it can easily be... Read More
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The Evolution of the Data Warehouse

In the early days of modern computing, reporting was primarily an IT function. Information was trapped within centralized operational systems which were largely... Read More