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The Impact of Data Ownership on Analytics Processes

In the realm of Data Governance, there are three main roles that maintain and are accountable for data. These include Data Owners, Data Stewards, and Strategic Leaders.... Read More
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How to Leverage AI to Create Personalized Experiences for Customers

Creating personalized experiences is essential for your business to gain adoption and sales. Too often, businesses undervalue the data they already own. Read More
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The Pros and Perils of Personification of AI

“Alexa, remind me to take out the trash.” Read More
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Top Processes to Enact for Effective Data Science

With the strategy and talent in place, your data science team can begin the core work of generating statistical models  that predict the future or prescribe the best... Read More
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How to Equip Your Workforce for Data Science Initiatives

An analytics culture means a commitment to making fact-based decisions over gut feel across the organization. Employees must understand the need for data-driven decisions... Read More
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Unstructured Data Vs Structured Data – What’s Needed in Your Data Science Initiative?

Data can come in many forms, which will influence infrastructure storage. An effective data environment should be easily accessible and centralize data from across your... Read More
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The Risk of Not Investing in Analytics

Although organizations across industries are implementing advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at a brisk pace, there are plenty of organizational leaders... Read More
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Top 3 Skills Needed for a Successful Data Scientist

Tip: You can save and share this page with your talent acquisition team. Read More
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Why You Need Azure Synapse Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights for AI and Big Data Analytics

Enterprises looking to streamline platforms, leverage AI and big data analytics need to look at ways to optimize their customer data. In a rapidly changing marketplace,... Read More