3 min read

Databricks and Azure Synapse Analytics Transform the Data Warehouse

At its core, Data needs to be centralized and processed before being analyzed. Many data environments support this core function, with new formats popping up as technology... Read More
3 min read

Data Warehouse Modernization: Tips for Setting Realistic Expectations

Data Warehouse modernization is an inevitability. It will happen within your organization, either purposefully by design or organically in reaction to business needs. Read More
2 min read

Building a Data Platform Modernization Roadmap

One of the biggest mistakes IT can make it to think “If we build it, they will come." This holds true, especially in a platform modernization initiative. The future state... Read More
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Data Lakes: Data Agility is Here Now

The rise of business enabled analytics has come about in large part due to the failure of traditional IT to quickly respond to the ever-changing needs of the business. Data... Read More
5 min read

The Evolution of the Data Warehouse

In the early days of modern computing, reporting was primarily an IT function. Information was trapped within centralized operational systems which were largely inaccessible... Read More