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The Top 3 Critical Components of Cloud Workloads

As we learned in the Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Criticality of Workloads in the Cloud, understanding Cloud’s criticality is, well, critical. In this blog, I’ll walk through... Read More
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Top 4 Qualities to Look for In a Cloud Partner

When it comes to migrating or optimizing your cloud environment, you may be weighing the pros and cons of leveraging your internal staff or an external partner. For... Read More
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Does AWS Contract Have Hidden Zombie Apocalypse Clause?

Tricks aren’t intended for cloud providers, even on Halloween. Read More
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5 Elements to an Effective Cloud Strategy Framework

Without a clearly defined roadmap, businesses that want to migrate from on-premise to cloud will have a lot of bumps in the road. Whether you're considering a migration... Read More
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Top 3 Templates from Microsoft Power Automate to Immediately Boost Productivity

As a business leader managing a diverse workforce of remote, local work-from-home, and in-office employees, it is inevitable that someone's productivity will come to a... Read More
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Weathering the Crisis with the Cloud

This was not the world's first crisis, and it will not be our last. The current trend is an increase in crises from global warming, social unrest, and pandemics.  The... Read More
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Data Warehouse Modernization: Five Tips for Setting Realistic Expectations

Data Warehouse modernization is an inevitability. It will happen within your organization, either purposefully by design or organically in reaction to business needs. Read More
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Five Reasons Why The Financial Services Industry Should Consider Azure

If you mention cloud solutions to most people in the financial services industry today, you’ll probably elicit a crinkled-nose expression and a response like, “Not in my... Read More
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Building a Data Platform Modernization Roadmap

One of the biggest mistakes IT can make it to think “If we build it, they will come." This holds true, especially in a platform modernization initiative. The future state... Read More