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Data Governance : Commonly Asked Questions

Having a data-driven strategy has become imperative to the success of organizations regardless of industry, size, or location. Often overlooked however is that the key to... Read More
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What You Need to Know about Colorado’s New Data Privacy Act

Following the footsteps of Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) from earlier this year, Colorado state launched the Colorado Protection Acts (CPA) Law SB21-190,... Read More
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The Concerns of 3rd Party Data on Consumer Privacy – Why your Business Needs to Consider How Data is Used and Shared

A few weeks ago, Apple released its new feature: App Tracking Transparency, which has been a source of controversy across different audiences. Read More
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Ways to Measure the Value of a Data and Analytics Strategy

One of the top reasons why businesses are hesitant to launch any new initiative is because they do not know if they will receive the return on investment (ROI). We see... Read More
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What Data Governance is NOT: Top Misconceptions for Establishing a Data Governance Program

As we learned in our infographic, Top 7 Benefits to Enacting a Data Governance Program, business, and IT professionals are looking for accurate, secured, and organized... Read More
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Risk and Rewards in Aligning Corporate and Data and Analytics Strategies

In addition to validating your assumptions, a primary goal in your data and analytics is to drive proactive and intelligent decision-making. When organizations use data... Read More
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Virginia Lawmakers Approve CDPA – Are You Ready to Meet Regulations?

Enterprises across the US have a new urgency to meet data regulations and privacy acts. As of March 2021, Virginia enacted a Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA), which... Read More
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CDO vs. CAO: Which Position Supports Your Corporate Goals?

A clear business strategy that thrives on data-driven innovation is critical for an organization in 2021. Read More
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4 Trends in Data and AI for 2021

Priorities look a little different this year as organizations respond to changes in the market, employment, and economy. In 2020 we learned that organizations stowing... Read More