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Top 4 Qualities to Look for In a Cloud Partner

When it comes to migrating or optimizing your cloud environment, you may be weighing the pros and cons of leveraging your internal staff or an external partner. For businesses that are looking to leverage their internal team, consider these questions.

  • Does your staff have the skills to manage a technical cloud migration?
  • Does the staff have insight into the various kinds of cloud providers, and what would work best for your business?
  • Does your staff currently spend more than 50% of its time managing systems and infrastructure instead of worrying about strategic initiatives?

A cloud partner may be able to help you avoid strain on your resources, all while ensuring you have a cloud environment that meets the needs of your business. Below are four core areas to look for in a cloud partner.

  • Strategy –

As we learned in a previous blog, an effective cloud strategy considers people, processes, technology, data, and governance. Without a roadmap, you run the risk of missing critical use cases, department misalignment, decreased process efficiency, and added cost. Look for a partner that can provide a strategic assessment of your environment and evaluate your long term and short-term goals across the business.

  • Architecture –

               Cloud is more than storage. By leveraging an effective cloud service architecture, you can efficiently access connected applications and data resources. When looking for a cloud partner, consider their ability to layout the cloud infrastructure itself and the relationship between each database, application, and software.

  • Migration –

               The term "lift and shift" illudes to the idea of taking your existing on-premise environment and moving it to the cloud. It's essential that your cloud partner best optimizes the cloud environment to meet your business's needs, not just move your data from one place to another. Effective cloud partners consider whether your business needs a public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment.

  • Optimization –

               In a RightScale survey of technology executives, 58% say optimizing cloud costs is a top initiative, up from 53% a year ago. Optimizing your cloud environment considers cloud management, network, connectivity, security, and storage costs. When searching for a cloud partner, ensure they are proactive in evaluating security threats and have a methodology for data governance to avoid a costly breach.

At CCG, we deliver best in class cloud strategy, architecture, migration, and optimization consulting to enable your business to save money, time, and energy. It's this reason why we have a 99.98% retention rate for all cloud customers! Learn more about CCG's cloud strategy and migration services here and connect with us today!

Written by CCG, an organization in Tampa, Florida, that helps companies become more insights-driven, solve complex challenges and accelerate growth through industry-specific data and analytics solutions.

What to look for when evaluating a Cloud Partner

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