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What is Provisioning? Cloud Terminology Explained


You have probably heard the term “Provisioning” while stocking your food stash for a road trip, but the term means something a little different in the cloud world. The root of the word means to “provide,” and it can serve various contexts of information management and technology.

Provisioning is the process of making something available. Within information technology, it takes on setting up an IT infrastructure, managing access to data and resources, and deploying automation. Similarly, Cloud Provisioning involves the orchestration, configuration, and management of cloud services. Some common examples of the term include VM provisioning, user provisioning, and server provisioning.

The Need for An Effective Strategy

There are several requirements before configuring a cloud environment. Businesses need to evaluate security and compliance, storage space and network connectivity, setting and code deployment, and much more.

According to Forbes, 36% of Error-Related Breached involved misconfiguration on databases.

Failure to implement proper access controls and governance procedures leaves cloud infrastructures vulnerable to security threats.

Organizations looking to provision components of their cloud environment should look to a partner like CCG to establish a well-thought-out blueprint. Aligning on IT and corporate vision, performing an assessment, and developing a roadmap ensures all cloud migration functions or optimization are complete and successful. Mapping your on-premises environment over to the cloud is not enough.

“Simply performing a “lift and shift” of your data architecture into the cloud is not going to provide you with the results you are looking for.” Says Jacob Murbach, Director of Cloud Management at CCG “Businesses looking to transform their cloud environment need an effective multi-level cloud strategy which looks across IT platforms for opportunities to automate processes and optimize resources.”

Learn more about optimizing your cloud environment and developing a strategy by reading our Intelligent Cloud Solutions datasheet or contacting a Cloud Expert at (813) 265-3239.

Written by CCG, an organization in Tampa, Florida, that helps companies become more insights-driven, solve complex challenges and accelerate growth through industry-specific data and analytics solutions.

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