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Leveraging Business Intelligence to Improve Business Operations

In a recent survey of over 1300 Global CEO’s, 77% ranked Operational Efficiency as their primary focus of driving 2019 revenue growth. When tasked with how to turn this... Read More
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4 Steps to Integrating Artificial Intelligence within Your Business

AI in Your Business: Where to Begin Self-driving cars, intelligent virtual assistants, facial recognition to unlock our phones – we can continually see and experience the... Read More
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Using Cohort Analysis with Power BI to Gain Competitive Advantage

Data doesn’t lie but sometimes, it doesn’t tell the full story, either. Read More
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How to Achieve Buy-In for a Customer Intelligence Platform

A customer intelligence platform is a software solution that gathers, stores, and analyzes customer data to use in reports and analytic outputs. The goal for a customer... Read More
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How to Grow a Customer-Centric Strategy With Analytics

Summary and transcript of interview with Chris Fitzpatrick of vineyard vines and Caroline Baldwin of Essential Retail Being customer-centric is easier said than done in... Read More
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How Customer Centric Experiences are Impacting Engagement

As customer experience has evolved to encompass a mix of many, often disparate physical and digital mediums, companies increasingly struggle to “see” their buyers, and... Read More
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Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics Explained

With the overwhelming availability of information made possible by Big Data, more and more companies are turning to analytics and advanced analytics solutions to extract... Read More
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3 Key Use Cases for an Analytics Strategic Data Assessment, Vision, and Roadmap

An AVR describes the methodology for establishing a personalized and actionable enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) Strategy, spanning the core activities of Assessment,... Read More