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4 Trends in Data and AI for 2021

Priorities look a little different this year as organizations respond to changes in the market, employment, and economy. In 2020 we learned that organizations stowing... Read More
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Data is NOT the New Oil

Data is NOT the New Oil was the headline from a section within Doug Laney's presentation of" How to Monetize Your Data Assets and Gain Competitive Advantage," hosted by... Read More
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Three Steps to Treating Data as an Asset: Infonomics Recap

The information presented below is summarized in part from the book Infonomics by the author Doug Laney and the presentation "How to Monetize Your Data Assets and Gain a... Read More
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What is Provisioning? Cloud Terminology Explained

You have probably heard the term “Provisioning” while stocking your food stash for a road trip, but the term means something a little different in the cloud world. The... Read More
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Integrating Online and Offline Data

Enterprises often integrate data from multiple sources to get the entire picture of their customers, their operations, and even the economy. Data-driven tech industry... Read More
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The Underlying Imperative of Successful Super Bowl Advertisers

The Super Bowl is a rare event where the audience is willing, sometimes even excited, to watch the commercials, which turns it into an advertising showcase. The importance... Read More
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The Sociotechnical Effects of AI: Why Data Science Requires Governance

Artificial intelligence’s inclusion within businesses processes have made major strides over the last decade. Though with new, frequent releases and employee adoption, it... Read More
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Jeff Bezos Stepping Down: How Leadership Change Effects a Data-Driven Culture

"Amazon was only an idea, and it had no name. The question I was asked most frequently at the time was, "What's the internet?" Blessedly, I haven't had to explain that in... Read More