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Financial Planning in a Crisis: Cash is King

For many financial services professionals, the current economic conditions are mirroring those of the Great Recession. If the last recession taught us anything, it is that... Read More
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Accelerating Automation with AI: How the Professional Services Industry Can Thrive with Advanced Analytics

If you are in the professional services industry, then you know that the solutions you bring to your customers are important yet intangible. Often, you may be recognized... Read More
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Databricks for Dummies: What is Scaling Out?

Keeping up with the latest tools and trends is a necessity to reap quality insights from your data, improve proactive decision making, and ensure your team is operating as... Read More
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Top 3 Customer Analytics Scenarios That Provide Immediate Impact to Your Organization

Picture this, you’ve huddled with your Marketing team and agree that your next advertising campaign should target the customers you are at risk for losing. After rummaging... Read More
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Is your company ready for a data science initiative?

Gone are the days of hinging the success of companies on gut-feel decisions and outdated processes, or expecting long-standing business challenges to solve themselves- we... Read More
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Remaining Customer Centric Through Crisis: vineyard vines Interview

Summary and transcript of interview with Chris Fitzpatrick, VP of Business Analytics and Strategy at vineyard vines and Dan Rodriguez Chief Produce & Strategy Officer of... Read More
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Designing Meaningful Products and Improving Digital Channels During Crisis

Summary and transcript of interview with Chris Laping of Bagel Brands and Dan Rodriguez of CCG Read More
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Weathering the Crisis with the Cloud

This was not the world's first crisis, and it will not be our last. The current trend is an increase in crises from global warming, social unrest, and pandemics.  The... Read More
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How Inventory Forecasting Can Help You Now and in the Future

Inventory is one of the most valuable assets of any business but maintaining the right amount of inventory, especially during a crisis, can be a significant challenge. In... Read More