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Just-In-Time for Data-Driven Supply Chain

It is no revelation that the economic crisis drastically impacted the exchange of goods in the United States and across the globe. The overnight pause to productivity for... Read More
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Enterprise Performance Analytics: Tips for Managing Performance When History is Irrelevant

After weeks of talking with customers, peers, and business leaders about their new reality with the current economic crisis, there is a 3-step journey they are all... Read More
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Analytics is Mission Critical:  Planning the Comeback with Data

When will the economy be turned back on?  What industries, states or cities are reopening and when?  When will my customers start buying again like they used to - or will... Read More
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Governance For Virtual Workforce

Seemingly overnight, the world changed in an unimaginable and drastic way as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations across the globe were and continue to be... Read More
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The ROI on Data and Analytics Projects is More Important than Ever

Do you have trouble proving the return on investment (ROI) on your analytics and data initiatives? I get this question from new clients frequently as they face a seemingly... Read More
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Is your company ready for a data science initiative?

Gone are the days of hinging the success of companies on gut-feel decisions and outdated processes, or expecting long-standing business challenges to solve themselves- we... Read More
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From Failing to Fruitful – Enable Your Organization with Data Governance

Data Governance (DG) has become an essential opportunity for organizations to drive efficiency, business growth, and innovation. Time and time again, we (at CCG) hear from... Read More
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How to Overcome 9 Common Challenges of Data Governance

As a data governance consultant, I often rely on frameworks to guide engagements. There are numerous published methodologies that are comprehensive by design and when... Read More