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What Data Governance is NOT: Top Misconceptions for Establishing a Data Governance Program

As we learned in our infographic, Top 7 Benefits to Enacting a Data Governance Program, business, and IT professionals are looking for accurate, secured, and organized... Read More
3 min read

Risk and Rewards in Aligning Corporate and Data and Analytics Strategies

In addition to validating your assumptions, a primary goal in your data and analytics is to drive proactive and intelligent decision-making. When organizations use data... Read More
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Top 5 Mistakes Your Data and Analytics Team are Making in the Cloud

The following is a transcript from a webinar: Top 5 Mistakes Your Data and Analytics Team are Making in the Cloud hosted by EVP of Cloud, Greg Pierce. Read More
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Databricks and Azure Synapse Analytics Transform the Data Warehouse

At its core, Data needs to be centralized and processed before being analyzed. Many data environments support this core function, with new formats popping up as technology... Read More
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What is a Cloud workload?

If you’ve looked into the process of cloud migration or cloud optimization, you’ve probably come across the term “workload.” The term may be attached to a descriptor, like... Read More
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Featurizing text with Google’s T5 Text to Text Transformer

In this article we will demonstrate how to featurize text in tabular data using Google’s state-of-the-art T5 Text to Text Transformer. You can follow along using the... Read More
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Virginia Lawmakers Approve CDPA – Are You Ready to Meet Regulations?

Enterprises across the US have a new urgency to meet data regulations and privacy acts. As of March 2021, Virginia enacted a Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA), which... Read More