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Citigroup Fined over $400M Over Failed Risk Management: Why You Should Leverage Data Governance Before It’s Too Late

Risk Management is an essential part of business operations. Unfortunately, like Citigroup, most businesses realize the importance of risk management when it was too late. Read More
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Top 3 Templates from Microsoft Power Automate to Immediately Boost Productivity

As a business leader managing a diverse workforce of remote, local work-from-home, and in-office employees, it is inevitable that someone's productivity will come to a... Read More
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Microsoft PowerApps – How This Low Code App Dev Solution Empowers Non-Technical Employees and Automates Processes

What comes to mind when you think of applications development (app dev) within your business? Does your team have the know-how or extensive training in app development?... Read More
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Top Ten Terms to Know for Enterprise Information Management and Analytics

At a time when data and analytics are critical to managing operational and economic uncertainties, many organizations still struggle to effectively leverage their data for... Read More
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Analytics Acronym Overload: Terms You Must Know to Successfully Navigate Today’s Data & Analytics Environment

Whether you are looking for ways to derive business value from your data or you are simply searching to learn more about emerging analytical technologies, you will... Read More
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Financial Planning in a Crisis: Cash is King

For many financial services professionals, the current economic conditions are mirroring those of the Great Recession. If the last recession taught us anything, it is that... Read More
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Accelerating Automation with AI: How the Professional Services Industry Can Thrive with Advanced Analytics

If you are in the professional services industry, then you know that the solutions you bring to your customers are important yet intangible. Often, you may be recognized... Read More
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Databricks for Dummies: What is Scaling Out?

Keeping up with the latest tools and trends is a necessity to reap quality insights from your data, improve proactive decision making, and ensure your team is operating as... Read More
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Top 3 Customer Analytics Scenarios That Provide Immediate Impact to Your Organization

Picture this, you’ve huddled with your Marketing team and agree that your next advertising campaign should target the customers you are at risk for losing. After rummaging... Read More