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Databricks and Azure Synapse Analytics Transform the Data Warehouse

At its core, Data needs to be centralized and processed before being analyzed. Many data environments support this core function, with new formats popping up as technology... Read More
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Featurizing text with Google’s T5 Text to Text Transformer

In this article we will demonstrate how to featurize text in tabular data using Google’s state-of-the-art T5 Text to Text Transformer. You can follow along using the... Read More
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4 Trends in Data and AI for 2021

Priorities look a little different this year as organizations respond to changes in the market, employment, and economy. In 2020 we learned that organizations stowing their... Read More
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Integrating Online and Offline Data

Enterprises often integrate data from multiple sources to get the entire picture of their customers, their operations, and even the economy. Data-driven tech industry giants... Read More
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The Underlying Imperative of Successful Super Bowl Advertisers

The Super Bowl is a rare event where the audience is willing, sometimes even excited, to watch the commercials, which turns it into an advertising showcase. The importance of... Read More
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The Sociotechnical Effects of AI: Why Data Science Requires Governance

Artificial intelligence’s inclusion within businesses processes have made major strides over the last decade. Though with new, frequent releases and employee adoption, it can... Read More
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The Impact of Data Ownership on Analytics Processes

In the realm of Data Governance, there are three main roles that maintain and are accountable for data. These include Data Owners, Data Stewards, and Strategic Leaders. When... Read More
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How to Leverage AI to Create Personalized Experiences for Customers

Creating personalized experiences is essential for your business to gain adoption and sales. Too often, businesses undervalue the data they already own. Read More
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The Pros and Perils of Personification of AI

“Alexa, remind me to take out the trash.” Read More